[Audio] The Believer’s Unique Weapon Against the Coronavirus Threat

You won’t need to search very far or very long to find all kinds of ways offered by psychology professionals to help you manage the incredible stress that is accompanying the current health and economic crisis in our nation.  Even though I happen to be one of those professionals, what I want to offer here is a declaration of what I think is the believer’s strongest weapon.  And so, writing and speaking once again as Newville’s Someone Somewhere Saying, I urge you all to know this weapon, and to make good use of it!

You can read below the transcript of the audio version of Someone Somewhere Saying:  “But You, Beloved,” The Believer’s Unique Weapon Against the Coronavirus Threat.

I miss you all and look forward to the day when we can gather together again.

With Love,
Teresa Davis


Services Cancelled – COVID19 Update

Newville Family,

Services at Newville Church are cancelled for the next 2 weeks (3/22 and 3/29) with future services dependent on CDC (Center of Disease Control) recommendations. Last week’s CDC limitation for group gatherings of 100 has been reduced to 10.

We are considering alternatives to continuing the ministry online with our website. Please keep a lookout for updates.

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Unprecedented times.

2 Chronicles 7:13-14

Pastor Tim