Brock Lawley

From Brock:

I love songwriting. I have loved whittling away at the craft of marrying message with melody in such a way that seeks to find the universal in the ordinary of life. I look at the job of a songwriter as someone who traces the hairline cracks of life packaging the moments of life’s wonder in a four-minute verse/ bridge/ chorus.

There are so many important things we just walk past everyday in the hassle and haste of life. We don’t notice how these things connect us until you hear a great song that puts its finger on the pulse of humanity. Stuff like forth of July as a child or the way you can almost taste the heartbreak of unrequited young love. The way we wished we would have spent a few more hours with someone lost. Capturing the marvel and mystery in melody is the goal.

Songwriting is the often-clumsy attempt to harness the vastness of human experience in choice word and souring sound. Most of the time one fails. But from time to time the attempt to do so brings people together in a way that only music can. I have found few things in life that have the potential to live beyond the fleeting days of a man’s walk on this earth. A good song can do just that.

And even if you’ve never found yourself on the creative end of music we all know the power it wields. Music takes words where words can’t go alone. We have all sat in a movie theatre as the perfect song lifts a cinematic scene to nosebleed heights. Who has not noticed how music can touch a place within the human being that no biology book can identify. Music can set a soul on fire. It can move, motivate and maneuver the human spirit like almost nothing else.

It is for all these reasons and many more that music has been called the universal language. One could talk for hours and still not describe it accurately. It is my heartfelt belief that music is simply something divine. It is something celestial or heavenly in a mortal world.

I believe music is a window into the next world. A window through which every once in a while our soul is permitted to feel even if for a moment: life eternal.

Music is found in every culture and in every walk of life. Even the wide reaching and culturally pervasive arm of mathematics meets its match when it comes to the truly universal experience of music. Surly this must at the very least point to something outside what we can simply see, feel and touch.

It points to God.

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