Real leadership has become as rare as common sense. This month is Pastor Appreciation Month. I have never known a Pastor more deserving of a congregation’s gratitude. Tim Davis leads Newville Church with the light of scripture at his feet every week.  We are a fortunate congregation in many ways. We are a church pillared by the sacrifice and handwork of our elder board. We are blessed to worship in the handsomest steepled-church tucking itself away in a valley, that can seem almost old-world picturesque. Still, our great strength is found in our Godly leadership. A leader that respects God’s people enough to tell them the truth and then drive them to his word for substantiation. Pastor Tim is a wonderful husband, father, doctor, pastor, mentor and friend.  Tim Davis is good man. And you have never read an understated sentence like the former.

-Brock lawley

[letter] A Grateful Congregation
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