We had a record turnout for our annual church picnic, capped off with our biggest bonfire ever! Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great evening!

Here are some pictures highlighting the day, beginning with Nora, Rebecca, and Claire.

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Church Picnic Pictures

One thought on “Church Picnic Pictures

  • July 20, 2016 at 11:00 am

    The pictures are wonderful, Tommy! I was able to enjoy the picnic all over again! Thank you!
    My favorite is the picture of Nora, Rebekah, and Claire in the wagon! As I remember it, they had just finished their excellent discussion/debate on these very important topics (as presented to them by Claire’s Daddy, Tad):
    ~ “Which color is best, pink or purple?” (purple!)
    ~”Which pet is the best, a pony or a puppy? ” (A pony!).

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